The Chancellery and Corporate Communications Division (BCKK) has undergone numerous phases of transition, in tandem with continual development in the university. It started off as the Public Relations Unit, but was subsequently upgraded to the level of a department. In 2004, its name was changed to the Department of Corporate Communications and International Relations.  However, when its international relations function was removed in 2007 and placed under the Academic Affairs Division (HEA), it retained the name Department of Corporate Communications, headed by an Assistant Vice Chancellor.

Over the years, changes have been implemented to further strengthen its functions. Thus on January 1, 2012, the university’s Executive Committee agreed on the change in nomenclature for the head of department, from Assistant Vice Chancellor to Director, Department of Corporate Communications.

The latest transformation took effect on March 1, 2015, when its administration was merged with that of the Chancellery, following endorsement from the Executive Committee at its 3rd Meeting (No. 3/2015). It is now known as the Chancellery and Corporate Communications Division or BCKK. This division is now headed by the Chief Deputy Registrar.

Further changes were made to consolidate the functions of BCKK, thus ensuring the smooth running of all university activities and services. The functions of existing units have been realigned, and these were later placed under 5 separate units, namely, the Chancellery; Administration, Event Management and Public Relations; Information and Publications; Creative Video Productions; and Image, Creative Media and Quality Management.